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Estella always knew what she wanted to do in life and that was to be in the fashion industry - but the journey has not been smooth.


Born in Malaga, Estella was raised by entrepreneurs. She was surrounded by family members who dedicated their lives to the leather retailer industry for decades. You can only imagine the knowledge and passion she developed through life experiences and surroundings.


We can confidently claim, handbags run in her DNA but design was always her first love.


Before curating Molokai, Estella had a career in finance, which she wasn’t very passionate about. She began traveling around the world then eventually landed in London. Her life changed from there. Finally deciding to pursue her love for fashion, our founder obtained her Master degree at Central Saint Martins in fashion and created what we now know it as, Molokai.


A brand that represents her core values and devotion to fashion.



Molokai is a luxury accessory brand, handcrafted in Spain. All of our handbags are produced by the finest local artisans with 50 years worth of experience in the manufacturing business. Winning a prestigious award for the construction of best quality products in Spain, we knew this family owned business would be the perfect fit for us.


Now, ‘Molokai’ is defined as family, trust and love. This is confidently reflected through each of our campaigns and traditional values. We believe handbags are essential pieces in forming appealing ensembles. They are important stable pieces that showcases your personal style, defines your personality with the ability of bringing everyone together.


Molokai is for every woman. Whether your style is very minimal or extravagant, our limited edition bags will cater to your every need. This luxury brand is fused by the British culture and Spanish production techniques. As a result, it is very heritage and modern. Old and new. This is shown through the use of vintage designs combined with trendy prints, colour schemes, and materials.


Every small detail is picked by our founder, ensuring you receive nothing but high quality products. Not to mention, our bags are 100% leather, giving you a lifetime with our handbags.


What else could a woman ask for?

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